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With the baseball season starting, we've been able to find the time to make a few changes to the the Boston Braves Historical Association (BBHA) Website.

Among the changes is this new page where you can find about what's happening in the coming weeks and months with the BBHA. We've also updated the newsletter page to post the last two newsletters. We have fixed the broken links on the uniform and daily results pages. If there are any other broken links, please feel free to drop us a line at byronm19@yahoo.com

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February 2015:

The Boston Braves version of today's Atlanta Braves capture the "Best" and "Worst" positions in this article. Better yet, check out the included newsreel featuring Babe Ruth as a member of the Boston Braves and background shots of Braves Field in 1935.

Babe Ruth visits Cincinnati as a Boston Brave.

Here's a recently written biography on Boston Braves pitcher Dave Cole (1950-52):

The 1897 Beaneaters vs. the Orioles: Good vs. Evil?

Boston Braves General Manager John Quinn named among the top 25 of his profession.

The Miracle Braves of 1919: Boston's Original Worst-to-First World Series Champions has been nominated for the Larry Ritter Book Award. The honor is bestowed by the Society for American Baseball Research's Deadball Era Committee and recognizes the best new book issued during the past calendar year that focuses on that period of baseball history. You may recall that BBHA member Bill Nowlin headed up this effort, which included contributions from some of the membership. Award finalists will be announced on March 1, with the winner declared in the middle of the month.

How Warren Spahn came to make his home in Oklahoma.

Recent $1 million Antiques Roadshow valuation of 1871-72 Boston Red Stockings (Boston Braves ancestor) memorabilia challenged. Keith Olbermann assessment of same also questioned.

Our good friend at the Boston Herald kicks the ball off on January 1 with a remembrance of Braves Field and its upcoming centennial.

Gary Bedingfield, a Scotsman, operates the excellent website. In addition, he produces a periodic newsletter. The January 2015 edition (No. 32) of Baseball In Wartime features tales of ballplayers and umpires who participated in the European Theater of Operation. Those profiled include Boston Braves Art Kenney, Steve Kuczek, Walt Lanfranconi, Ray Martin, Ralph McLeod, Skippy Roberge, Bama Rowell, Warren Spahn, Bert Thiel and Ernie White. The newsletter will be posted here.

December 2014:

Bob Lemke's Blog profiles the career of 1939-46 Boston Bees/Braves infielder Whitey Wietelmann.

Read abot the First National League game.

A controversial part of the late Al Dark's past.

The Springfield, Massachusetts connection with the 1914 Miracle Braves.

A cemetery tour that features the ghost of Miracle Braves manager George Stallings!

Yet another article on a member of the 1914 Miracle Braves -- this time Johnny Evers.

The Beaneaters lose one to Cy Young.

For those of you looking for an informative 2015 calendar that details memorable sports events in New England, consider the calendar compiled by long-time loyal BBHA member Fr. Gerald Beirne. Fr. Gerry has meticulously compiled the 2015 "This Day In New England Sports History" calendar. It looks like a calendar and reads like a book. The calendar's contents cover all sports and all six New England states. Perfect for yourself or for holiday gift giving. Fr. Gerry, who provided the benediction at George Altison's memorable annual BBHA player-fan reunions, offers the calendar at $1 off of the marked price of $15, plus mailing costs $4.56. Please send check for $18.50 to Fr. Gerald Beirne, 75 Circuit Drive, Narragansett RI 02882. You can view a sample here.

Former Boston Braves hurler Ernie Johnson (1950, 1952) has been named to the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame:.

Are this year's Kansas City Royals the heir apparent to the 1914 Miracle Braves?

Don't forget this really important call to action for members of the BBHA.

I am very pleased to announce the BBHA's first and very important Braves Field Centennial initiative. Bill Nowlin, a Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) official, esteemed author and editor and a loyal BBHA member has kindly agreed to lead the work on a proposed book that will be devoted to the 50 most memorable games at Braves Field. His past leadership efforts and contributions led to the publications of Spahn, Sain and Teddy Ballgame: Boston's (almost) Perfect Baseball Summer of 1948 and The Miracle Braves of 1914: Boston's Original Worst-to-First World Series Champions. The Boston SABR chapter has been especially supportive of preserving Boston Braves history.

In order to meet a very tight 2015 publication schedule, the Association needs to assist Bill in recruiting prospective authors. Assignments are being claimed as the result of Bill's initial invitation that was sent out to the SABR community earlier today. I've agreed to take on several assignments and BBHA director Saul Wisnia has indicated a desire to write a piece as well. Since the assignments relate to a single ballgame or event and the summary is limited to 1,500 words, this is the ideal type of writing and research effort for a novice and I would be glad to lend a guiding hand to those wishing to give it an initial try.

There is one caveat regarding participation. Writers must be SABR members. SABR enrollment information can be found here. SABR offers discounted membership rates for seniors. For further information and/or to enroll in this project, please contact Bill at: bnowlin@rounder.com.

Bill's solicitation for participants is included below:

In 2015, Boston's baseball fans will have the unique opportunity of celebrating the city's second 100th ballpark anniversary. A little over three years after the inaugural game at Fenway Park, the Hub's National League franchise Boston Braves opened the gates for the first time to Braves Field, then described as the "Largest Ball Ground in the World." Almost a century later, significant original pieces of the defunct ballpark -- the main gate/administration building and a large portion of the right field pavilion-- remain standing, reminding passers-by that the site was once the "Home of the Braves."

The Braves in 1915 were the reigning World Champions, and they had borrowed the larger capacity Fenway Park during the 1914 World Series. Once Braves Field was built, it was larger than Fenway and the Red Sox played the 1915 World Series and the 1916 World Series at brand-new Braves Field.

The goal will to write up some 50 or so of The Most Memorable Games at Braves Field. We're seeking authors for a select list of games.

This effort is launched to help stimulate further interest in SABR's Games Project, and will join two previously-announced books on old Tiger Stadium and The 50 Greatest Games of the Montreal Expos.

Some of the games seeking authors include the following:

7-Sep-41 Braves 17, Phillies 6 and then Braves 10, Phillies 1 - for a day's total of 27-7
13-May-42 Jim Tobin hits 3 homers in one game, narrowly misses fourth
19-Jun-42 Paul Waner collects his 3,000th career hit
14-Jul-43 Boston Braves 16, Boston Coast Guard 5 - in-season wartime exhibition game
27-Apr-44 Jim Tobin throws no-hitter 22-Jun-44 Jim Tobin throws another no-hitter, in five-inning game
6-Jul-45 Tommy Holmes breaks NL hitting streak record with great doubleheader
13-Aug-45 Kansas City Monarchs 11, Boston Navy Yard 1 - "the first floodlight baseball game ever played at Braves Field" (Herald, August 14, 1945) Turnout: 4,518. Satchel Paige was expected to appear, but failed to appear. “The tremendous speed of the Negro team and their terrific hitting against two Navy Yard pitchers gave the crowd plenty of thrills, despite the failure of the highly publicized Satchell Paige to appear.”

Please contact me for the complete list of available games. I hope you'll sign up for one or two games.

Rabbit Maranville, clean-up hitter. Why was 1942 Boston Braves catcher/NL batting champion

Ernie Lombardi denied his rightful place in Cooperstown during his lifetime?

We mourn the loss of 1938 Boston Bees pitcher Art Kenney on March 12, 2014. The 97-year-old former pitcher was the third oldest major leaguer at the time of his death.

Member of the famed Quinn family and loyal BBHA supporter Bob Quinn to be honored by his alma mater.

Through the efforts of 2014 PR Trainee Adam DeCock, the 1914 Miracle Braves are honored with an article in the 2014 Atlanta Braves Souvenir Program. Copies can be obtained at Turner Field or the Braves Clubhouse Store (404) 523-5854, there may be some copies left. Thanks Adam!

Babe Ruth's last hurrah -- May 25, 1935, Boston Braves vs. Pittsburgh Pirates at Forbes Field.

SABR recently has announced the publication of "Thar's Joy In Braveland: The 1957 Milwaukee Braves". This book represents a bittersweet reflection of "what might have been" for Boston Braves fans. It is of further interest to the membership as the publication contains rich biographies of individuals with links to the Tribe's Boston days. Included among such profiles are those of Hank Aaron, Joe Adcock, Bill Bruton, Bob Buhl, Lou Burdette, Gene Conley, Wes Covington, Del Crandall, Ray Crone, Harry Hanebrink, Ernie Johnson, Dave Jolly, Bob Keely, Johnny Logan, Felix Mantilla, Don McMahon, Andy Pafko, Phil Paine, John Quinn, Connie Ryan, Warren Spahn, Chuck Tanner, Frank Torre and Bob Trowbridge. In addition, BBHA director Saul Wisnia contributed a piece entitled, "From Yawkey to Milwaukee: Perini Makes his Move." SABR members are eligible for a free digital download of the book.

Hi neighbor, have a "Gansett"! The Boston Braves link to a New England beer.

Here's an interesting tale concerning the Boston Braves and their 1943 wartime spring training camp at the Choate School in Wallingford, CT.

With the recent passing of Jack Dittmer, second baseman of the 1952 Braves, the list of survivors is down to 14. Pitchers Gene Conley, Virgil Jester and Bert Thiel are all that's left from the Braves' final season in Boston.

We were saddened to learn of the passing of longtime Boston Braves trainer Dr. Charles Lacks at age 99. He was often included in the annual team photos. Dr. Lacks followed the Braves to Milwaukee.

Boston Braves first baseman George Crowe is the subject of piece in the Hartford Courant.

Boston Beaneater Hall of Famer Hugh Duffy, a baseball "lifer".

BBHA board member Mort Bloomberg remembers watching Cliff Chambers throw the last no-hitter at Braves Field.

1943-45 Boston Braves outfielder Elmer "Butch" Nieman to be inducted into the Shawnee County (Kansas) Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Miracle Braves, Boston's best baseball team?

Catcher and coach Mike Roarke signed with the Boston Braves in 1952. He is the subject of this biography.

Once again, the '14 Miracle Braves are profiled in a newspaper article.

Atlanta Braves honored the 1914 Miracle Braves this past August. Check out the uniforms. More on the Atlanta Braves - Oakland Athletics throwback uniform game honoring the Miracle Braves. See this piece too!

The 1914 Miracle Braves remembered once again (including a reference to the BBHA!).

The sports section of the Boston Sunday Globe of August 17 featured a large cover page article on the Miracle Braves..

April 2014:

Happy Opening Day to all! Here's hoping that your team has a season for the ages!

Enjoy reading about the contributions of former Boston Braves President J.A. "Bob" Quinn: Biography. Thanks to SABR.

Bob Quinn and the Farm System. Thanks to SABR.

Former Bees shortstop Eddie Miller once ran a baseball school in Stuart, FL. Thanks to TCPalm.

Learn about Boston's Boxing Braves. Thanks to Boston Baseball History.

A biography of 1930-32 Boston Braves lefty Bill "Wee Willie" Sherdel recently has been posted at the SABR Bio Project site. Thanks to SABR.

It's nice to see someone at Boston University with an interest in Braves Field. Thanks to BUQuad.

To those of you that participate in the Twitter universe, please note that our webmaster and Facebook page moderator is now advancing the BBHA further into the social media of the digital age. Just type @BosBravesHA into the Twitter search function and you'll find us. And if you follow us, we'll reciprocate and follow you! Among the things that we'll be using Twitter for is to provide alerts when we have updates to the website and/or Facebook page. This new benefit will not take the place of the eNewsletter so that you'll continue to receive it unless you cancel your subscription.

On a serious note, we've observed that, on occasion, we've received emails from subscribers where the subscriber's email account appears to have been hacked and this BBHA address has been used. Would you kindly notify us if this unfortunate event happens to you so that we might avoid an infection? Thanks.

The long-awaited and well researched book that pays tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Miracle Braves has just been released. Amazon has the book for sale and this link will allow you to sample the contents of The Miracle Braves of 1914: Boston's Original Worst-to-First World Series Champions. The book is available in paperback and e-book formats. Produced by the Society for American Baseball Research, SABR members are able to receive a 50% discount for the paperback version and/or receive the digital ebook for free when ordering through the Society. Check the SABR website's membership section for details.

Rabbit Maranville to be inducted into Braves franchise Hall of Fame at Turner Field. Thanks to the Atlanta Braves.

When the Babe returned to Boston with the Braves. Thanks to Boston Magazine.

A story about Vern Bickford's last big league baseball cap. Thanks to the Argus Leader.

A new biography has been penned on 1900-04 Boston Beaneaters right-handed pitcher Charles "Togie" Pittinger. Thanks to SABR.

An event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1914 Miracle Braves!

Press Release
Gibson House Museum

137 Beacon Street
Boston, MA

Gibson House Museum Presents Victorian Baseball in Boston: A Look at the Era through the Lens of Local Baseball History

BOSTON – Baseball fans have a chance to view the present and visit the past on Tuesday, April 29, 2014. The Gibson House Museum, in conjunction with The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) and the Boston Braves Historical Association (BBHA) will celebrate the Hundredth Anniversary of the Boston “Miracle“ Braves (and other Victorian and Baseball anecdotes). Festivities begin at 5:30 p.m. in the courtyard of the Gibson House Museum located at 137 Beacon Street, Boston with a "Ballpark Cocktail Hour" featuring beer and hot dogs. The program gets underway at 6:30 p.m. at Fisher College’s Alumni Hall (across the street at 118 Beacon Street).

The evening will feature vignettes of the team – a second division team in 1913 – in last place as recently as early July 1914, and its wondrous surge to win the pennant and sweep the World Series from Connie Mack’s Dynastic Philadelphia Athletics. Our feature storyteller, Bill Nowlin, is author of more than 30 Red Sox-related books, most recently editor of the SABR publication “The Boston Braves – Boston’s Original Worst to First” (http://sabr.org/latest/sabr-digital-library-miracle-braves-1914). Bill will present vignettes on the team and the sport of the times. SABR and BBHA members Bob Ruzzo and Mark Sternman, contributors to the publication, will add stories about the team and its most colorful characters. Gibson House Staff will also set the scene for the stories with period-relevant historical anecdotes of Victorian Boston, 1914.

Tickets: $30 in advance, $35 at the door, with a special $25 admission for members of the Gibson House Museum, SABR, the Boston Braves Historical Society, the Boston Preservation Alliance, the Ayer Mansion, the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay, and the Victorian Society.

For more information or to purchase tickets, email info@thegibsonhouse.org or call 617-267-6338.

The Gibson House Museum is an authentic Victorian row house located at 137 Beacon Street. Built in 1859, it is one of Back Bay’s earliest houses and stands as the historic house museum of the Back Bay. The Museum is open to the public and preserved as a time capsule of the daily life of a well-to-do Back Bay Boston family and its domestic staff. The Gibson House Museum is a National Historic Landmark and listed on the Massachusetts State Register of Historic Places.

The Society of American Baseball Research had its beginnings in Cooperstown, N.Y. in 1971. Founded by L. Robert Davids, its original members included 15 researchers from the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Within a decade, SABR had grown to 1,500 members. It now stands at 6,000, including many major and minor league baseball officials, broadcasters, writers and former players. Membership is open to anyone interested in baseball.

Founded in 1992, the Boston Braves Historical Association has sought to keep alive the memory of the Boston Braves in a variety of ways. In addition to an annual meeting, player reunions, and a highly acclaimed newsletter, they sponsor research publications (six of which are in the Baseball Hall of Fame Library), conduct tours of the remains of Braves Field, produce commemorative mementos and establish a Boston Braves Hall of Fame.

Someone should tell Google to correct their street-naming mistake shown in the attached aerial photo below. The alley linking Harry Agganis Way and Babcock Street is NOT Gaffney Street (and never was) but instead is officially named Braves Field Way by the City of Boston. We ought to know as a late loyal BBHA member by the name Jim Smith of Dorchester, MA arduously undertook the process to have the Braves Field site legally memorialized in this manner. He had all abutters sign off on the name and petitioned the Boston City Council. We have photos of Jim receiving a replica street name sign from the council after they granted the petition. Actually, Gaffney Street was renamed Agganis Way and we have in our archives the original Gaffney Street sign that was removed by city workers. It would be nice for the former Gaffney Street to be recognized in conjunction with Agganis Way on that street marker, rather than for Google to erroneously usurp Jim Smith's memorial to Braves Field, but that's probably too much to ask.

January 2014:

Happy New Year from the Boston Braves Historical Association!

The Boston Braves of 1928. Thanks to Hardball Times for this and the next piece.

Ed Charles was originally signed by the Boston Braves. His connection to Jackie Robinson is featured in this story.

New biography of 1946-47 Braves right-hander Si Johnson. Thanks to our friends at SABR for the piece on Johnson and the following piece on Adams.

Go back to the earliest days of the Braves franchise by reading this biography of Ivers Adams.

November 2013:

Congratulations to the 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox! Here's hoping to a (sorta) city series next year.

Very sad news. Johnny Logan, a beloved member of the Boston Braves Family and a longstanding supporter of the BBHA, has passed away. We always enjoyed his many appearances at BBHA reunions. Johnny also was instrumental in the founding of the Milwaukee Braves Historical Association. Our deepest condolences to the Logan family. We'll include a tribute to Johnny in the fall BBHA newsletter.

Thanks to Mliwaukee Journal Sentinel and CBS Sports.

Not a miracle? An alternative view on the 1914 Braves. An article on Babe Ruth's Braves Field Blasts has been posted on the Boston Baseball History website.

Thanks to Seamheads.com and Boston Baseball History.

A 2013 comparison to the Miracle Braves. Check out Warren Spahn's finishing kick. An interesting tale about a Boston Braves farmhand.

Thanks to True Blue LA, The National Pastime Museum and the Milford Daily News.

Boston Braves broadcaster Jim Britt has been inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame: (Information provided by Mort Bloomberg). Einar Gustafson, the Jimmy Fund's original "Jimmy," has been memorialized in a statue portraying him as a child in his beloved Boston Braves uniform along with founder Sidney Farber, M.D. We were graced by his presence at our reunions. (Information provided by Saul Wisnia). Let's add this statue to our list of stops on our unofficial Boston Braves Heritage Trail!

A piece on old-time baseball team historical societies recently appeared in the NY Times. This features quotes from our very own John Fine. Give it a read, well worth it!

Thanks to Massachusetts Broadcaster Hall of Fame, Dana Farber and the New York Times.

July 2013:

We're already at the mid-point of the season, so here's some links:

The latest Dropkick Murphys CD contains the song, "Jimmy Collins Wake," which is a tribute to the events surrounding the funeral of the third baseman of Boston's National and American League teams circa 1895-1907 and Red Sox manager (1901-06). This link leads you to the lyrics.

Here's a story related to Collins. You can view a live performance of the tune here. Thanks to www.plylyrics.com and www.haulsofshame.com

BBHA member Bill Nowlin has written a biography of Boston Doves pitcher Frank Barberich. Barberich pitched two games for the club in 1907 and made two more appearance in 1910, this time with the Red Sox. Thanks to www.sabr.org.

A biography of Boston Braves pitcher Mort Cooper (1945-47) has recently been posted on the SABR biography site. Thanks to www.sabr.org.

The oldest living member of the Boston Braves, Mike Sandlock, is profiled in this NY Times article. Thanks to www.nytimes.com.

Opening Day 2013 at Fenway Park featured a commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Red Sox's association with the Jimmy Fund. Not forgotten was the role of the Boston Braves in helping to establish and publicize this worthy cause. David Perini, son of Boston Braves owner Lou Perini and an honored member of the BBHA, appeared on the field wearing a Tribe jersey. The Boston Baseball History website has been updated to include a tale that I've penned entitled, "The Wearing Of The Green--Opening Day 1946 At Braves Field." Thanks to www.bostonbaseballhistory.com.

BBHA member Daniel Papilon of Quebec City has kindly provided updated information on the "Hartford's Bob Quinn Day" piece that appeared in the Spring 2013 BBHA newsletter. The gentleman appearing in the photograph between Bob Quinn's granddaughters was Rene Lemyre, the business manager of the Quebec Braves and later the general manager of the Montreal Royals. Daniel, who works part time for the Quebec Capitales of the CANAM League, noted that the team is preparing commemorative activities over the course of the 2013 season to celebrate the ball club's 15th anniversary and the 75th anniversary of their ballpark, the Stade Municipal. The festivities will include appearances by the Capitales in throwback uniforms including those of the Quebec Braves. A book on the history of the ballpark, written in french, will be published as well.

We mourn the passing on April 16 of 1952 Boston Braves outfielder Jack Daniels. He was 85. Artist Ronnie Joyner's biographical portrait of Jack was featured in the Spring 2013 BBHA newsletter. In addition to being a member of the Boston Braves family, Jack was a member of our Royal Rooters because of his generous contributions to the Association. His death leaves us with 19 surviving players with 5 representing the 1952 season: Gene Conley, Jack Dittmer, Virgil Jester, Johnny Logan and Bert Thiel. Thank you to www.legacy.com.

A new biography on shortstop Jimmy Cooney of the 1928 Boston Braves has been written by BBHA member Bill Nowlin. Cooney was the brother of Johnny Cooney, a pitcher-outfielder with the Braves (1921-30 and 1938-42). Johnny Cooney was a coach for the Tribe and managed the Braves for 46 games in 1949 while Billy Southworth took leave due to illness. Thanks to www.sabr.org.

Sad news about the Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society. Thanks to www.horsham.patch.com.

The International League Gwinnett Braves hosted a "Boston Strong Night" on May 8 with a portion of the game proceeds to be donated to the OneBostonFund. Of special note is the fact that all players and coaches of both the Braves and the visiting Pawtucket Red Sox will be wearing special Boston Braves caps, which will be autographed and auctioned off after the game. Special guests will include Jason Varitek of the Red Sox, Rodney Harrison of the Patriots and Dee Brown of the Celtics as well as Matt Ryan of Boston College and the Falcons. Thanks to www.milb.com.

Gwinnett Braves featured 1946-52 Boston Braves caps in a Boston Strong fundraising game. Thanks to www.milb.com and www.lawrenceville-ga.patch.com.

The other "Boston Braves". Thanks to www.itemlive.com.

Surviving Boston Braves players. Thank you to http://www.bravesjournal.com.

Billy Southworth's 1948 World Series ring up for auction.

Johnny Sain, baseball's greatest pitching coach. Thanks to www.calltothepen.com.

A large amount of Warren Spahn's memorabilia is going up for auction.

Background story on the sale of Warren Spahn's memorabilia. Thanks to www.jsonline.com.

Here's a new biography on 1943-45 Boston Braves right-handed pitcher Nate Andrews. Thanks to www.sabr.org.

What's a Boston Braves game used baseball be worth? It depends on the game. The game itself. The auction. Thanks to www.bostonhearld.com and www.retrosheet.org.

More controversy concerning the use of the nickname "Braves". Thanks to www.aikenstandard.com

Are the 2013 Seattle Mariners the latest potential version of the 1914 Miracle Braves? Thanks to www.theolympian.com.

An item not in the recent Spahn auction. Thank you to the www.pressdeomcrat.com.

A number of Boston Braves make the franchise's all-time 40 man roster. Thanks to www.yahoo.com.

March 2013:
It's almost time for Opening Day, so to get you in the mood here are some Braves-related stories from our long winter's nap.

The stepdaughter of former 1937-38 Boston Bees third baseman Eddie "Hotshot" Mayo (Mayoski) has authored an article about him:. Thanks to Studio City Patch.

Mort Bloomberg has uncovered a great piece about the sateen uniforms worn by the Braves and other clubs when night baseball was inaugurated:. Thanks to Design Morgue.

A biography has recently been posted on ""King" Brady, who pitched very briefly for the Braves in 1912. Thanks to SABR.

The street leading to the Braves administration building and main gate was once name for James Gaffney. It currently bears the name of Harry Agganis whose statue resides at the street entrance. You might be interested in a recent documentary produced about the Sox first baseman whose life ended tragically.

The Fall 2012 Baseball Research Journal features a story by Bob Ruzzo entitled "Braves Field: An Imperfect History of the Perfect Ballpark." The Journal is published by The Society for American Baseball Research and is distributed by the University of Nebraska Press.

By following this link to The Jimmy Fund, you can hear the May 22, 1948 broadcast of the Truth or Consequences radio show that took place at Boston's Children's Hospital and that led to the creation of the famous fund. Ralph Edwards (the MC), Jimmy and several members of the Boston Braves are featured. Thanks to the Jimmy Fund.

Boston Braves signee and 1951-52 farmhand John Goryl, 79, is honored with the Mike Coolbaugh Award for outstanding baseball work ethic, knowledge of the game and skill in mentoring young players on the field. Goryl, who played for the Cubs and Twins and managed Minnesota, currently is an adviser to the Cleveland Indians player development department. The award is named after after Mike Coolbaugh who was killed after being struck in the neck by a line drive while coaching for Colorado's Tulsa affiliate. Thanks to ClevelandIndians.com.

The biography that appeared in the fall 2012 BBHA newsletter of 1945 Boston Braves "mystery" player Joe Tracy has been accepted into the on-line Society for American Baseball Research Baseball Biography Project. Thanks to SABR.

The 12/3/12 issue of Sports Illustrated contains an interesting article, "Tinkers to Evers to Chance ..... to Me," about Johnny Evers, written by Tim Layden, a great-nephew. Thanks to Sports Illustrated.com.

The Braves acquired Tommy Holmes from the Yankees. While Tommy never appeared in an official game for the Yanks, he was around long enough to be photographed in their attire:.

BBHA member Herb Crehan has just launched a new website of interest to the membership. It's called BostonBaseballHistory.com and will contain features on Boston's American and National League franchises.The inaugural website posting contains an article on a fantasy Boston Braves Heritage Trail. One highlighted spot on the trail that you won't be able to visit at the moment is the Braves Field Way sign midway down on Harry Agganis Way (formerly Gaffney Street). Not only has the sign disappeared but also the pole that it was on. The BBHA is pursuing this matter with Boston University and the City of Boston. The Braves Field Way sign on Babcock Street remains in place -- at least for the time being! Maybe we'll see the sign and pole offered on auction on eBay!

A new biography on Boston Braves coach and manager Del Bissonette can be found here. Thanks to SABR.

Braves/Nickerson Field to have a new neighbor. Thanks to BU Today.

Worth a revisit -- the Boston Public Library's collection of photographs taken at Braves Field.

A radio diary for Game 1 on the 1948 World Series can be found here. Thanks to Baseball Prospectus.

You can listen to the audio broadcasts of Games 1 and 5 of the '48 Series here. Thanks to Archive.org.

James Aloysius Robert "Bob" Quinn was a part owner and president of the Boston Braves from 1936-45. His son John would become the Tribe's general manager and later generations would achieve baseball fame in the front office. Links here provide access to a biography and to a discussion of Quinn's role in the development of baseball's a farm system structure. Thanks to SABR.

Three new biographies on member of the Boston Braves: Roland Gladu, Kid Nichols and Joe Riggert. Thanks to SABR.

The Boston Baseball History website now features a story, "The Sad Last Spring of Boston's Braves," written by BBHA newsletter editor Bob Brady.

Once again, the Gibson House Museum in Boston is celebrating Opening Day with a special program, "Boston Baseball: Early Games and Legendary Players." The event will take place on Monday, April 29, 2013 at its 137 Beacon Street location. A reception starts at 5:30 p.m. followed by the program at 6:30 p.m. Discounted tickets may be obtained by BBHA members ($10 versus $20 at the door). Visit their site for further information.

We mourn the passing on March 7 of 1943, 1947-48 Boston Braves right-handed pitcher Ray Martin. Funeral arrangement may be found here. Ray was a great friend of the Association and participated in several of our reunions. His death leaves only 3 survivors of the 1948 NL Champions -- Johnny Antonelli, Clint Conatser and Al Dark. Ray was the last survivor of the 1943 and 1947 Tribe squads. A more complete obituary will appear in the next hardcopy edition of the BBHA Newsletter.

It is my sad duty to pass along to you news of the recent death of former Boston Brave Robert "Ducky" Detweiler. Although Ducky only briefly played for the Boston Braves in 1942 and 1946, he was a cherished member of our Braves Family. He and his family have been very generous supporters of the BBHA and true "Royal Rooters." We were fortunate to have been graced with Ducky's presence at a couple of our reunions. I hope that some of you had an opportunity to chat with him and obtain his autograph. Our deepest sympathies are extended to his family. A tribute to Ducky will appear in the next BBHA newsletter. His obituary may be found here. For more on his life, visit this site. Thanks to Baseball in Wartime.

October 2012:
Thanks again to Bob Brady for the links and don't forget to check us out on Facebook!

Apparently Miracle Braves manager Stallings had bad breath: Thanks to Therabreath.

Check out this Virgil Jester profile.Thanks to the Denver Post.

Former Brave Johnny Antonelli has written a memoir. Thanks to MPNNow.

An article on "Bus" Clarkson of the 1952 Braves. Thanks to Baseball Past and Present.

Here's a link to a home movie that provides a rare color glimpse of Braves Field action in 1948. Fast forward to the five-minute mark in this home movie to see the Braves Field portion. You should be able to make out close-up shots of Johnny Sain and Tommy Holmes. While dark, there's a brief glimpse of the Troubadours in the clip. The outfield wall and scoreboard are in glorious color. You'll also see some locomotive smoke from the rail yard about to drift into the Wigwam. My research leads me to conclude that the clip was taken on September 15, 1948 at a game vs. the Chicago Cubs. The key is uniform #44 on the visitor's first baseman. That number belonged to Phil Cavaretta of the Cubs in '48.

The box score and play-by-play can be found here.

The SABR Biography Project has posted a new bio on former Boston Bees (1937-39) lefty pitcher Milt "Pinky" Shoffner. Thanks to SABR.

View this article on a recently discovered autobiographical letter by legendary and Hall of Famer Beaneaters pitcher Kid Nichols. Thanks to Our Game.

Did the "Sain for Burdette" deal between the Braves and Yankees in 1951 create the model for current inter-league non-waiver deadline trades? Thanks to The Boston Pilot.

Here's a link to a rare film clip of an in-season exhibition game between the Jamestown Falcons and the Boston Braves on July 7, 1942.

Nearly 97, Mike Sandlock is the oldest living member of the Dodgers, Pirates, Phillies and Boston Braves. He was recently honored at Citi Field in New York. He was featured in a three-part series of articles in 2010:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Here's another piece on Sandlock from the Pirates perspective. Mike Sandlock, Chuck Connors and Cuban baseball. Thanks to all those sites!

The summer edition of the hard copy BBHA newsletter featured a tale about a smashed in door at Braves Field that followed a rhubarb involving an umpire's call against the Dodgers during a critical September 1951 ballgame at Braves Field. This link provides a number of Life magazine photos taken during that game.

Johnny Antonelli in Santa Fe, NM: Thanks to The Observer for the information!

Despite informing this eBay seller that the photo he's offering is NOT of Tommy Holmes of the Boston Braves but of Tommy Holmes, the sportswriter of the Brooklyn Eagle, the seller persists in this misrepresentation. The back of the photo, as shown on eBay even has the notation of "writer" on it. Fortunately, this item has failed to sell after being posted on a number of occasions. Let's hope that a novice Boston Braves collector doesn't mistakenly purchase this item.

R.I.P. Johnny Pesky (1919-2012). Although a member of Boston's "other team," Johnny was welcomed to and warmly received at our reunions on a number of occasions, the last being an autograph signing of his book. One favorite photographic memory of Johnny that we recall is a picture of him with his hat askew emerging from a Billy Hitchcock-Earl Torgeson tiff during an April 16, 1948 City Series contest at Braves Field. Here's an update to our story in the Summer edition of the BBHA newsletter on Warren Spahn's Florida "cottage". Thanks to the Herald Tribune.

Did you know that the Braves' great left-hander had a beer named in his honor -- "Spahnie 363"? Thanks to the Beer Advocate.

With the latest meltdown of the Red Sox, this author opines that the wrong team left Boston. Thanks to WBUR.

Author Tom Whelan put together a recent baseball symposium at Boston University that included a tour of Braves Field by BBHA resident expert Ralph Evans entitled: The South End Grounds -- The Most Beautiful Ballpark Ever? Take an interactive tour of the South End Grounds at the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Thanks to Sports Collector Digest.

Former Boston Braves broadcaster and BBHA member Leo Egan has been posthumously inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

That reminds us of the National Baseball Hall of Fame's continued slighting of Ken Coleman in not inducting him into the broadcasting wing at the Hall despite qualifications equal to or exceeding past recipients and current candidates.

The death of an individual who once pitched in an exhibition game against Babe Ruth while the Bambino was with the Braves is noted here. Thanks to Charlotte Observer.

June 2012: Thanks again to Bob Brady for the links.

Losing Dodger bidder's grandfather was once part of Boston Braves ownership. Courtesy of: Forbes.com.

Geological research yields link to a Boston Bees hurler. Thanks to: Above the Field.

A Florida Historical Society is attempting to save Warren Spahn's spring training cottage residence during his time in Bradenton, Fl. Here's a link with a video version of the story. See also.Thanks to Bay News 9.

Allie Clark's recent death leaves only Al Rosen and Clint Conatser as 1948 World Series survivors. Link from Uncle Mike's Musings.

Did you know that there's a song entitled "Bob Elliot [sic], Tommy Holmes, Sibby Sisti"? Follow this link to find the album that includes this tune. You can listen to a clip of it here. Thanks to Cooperstown Music.

Here's a CBS news interview with BBHA member and baseball film archivist Doak Ewing. Doak has preserved Boston Braves promotional films among many others. Our appreciation to CBSNews.com for the link.

Some memories of a Knot Hole Gang member. Thanks to: Seacoast Online.

We've finally heard from the Red Sox regarding the location of our three commemorative paver bricks. The site locator map can be found here.

Our bricks are at the following locations:
"Honoring the Boston Braves" -- Gate B, Dave Roberts Section (section 12)
"City Series" -- Gate C, Frank Malzone Section (section 2)
"BBHA" -- Gate C, Pedro Martinez Section (section 1)

If your travels take you to Fenway Park, please visit our memorials.

Al Veigel, a right-handed pitcher for the 1939 Boston Bees passed away at age 95 on April 8.

Remembering the South End Grounds. Thanks to the: Southend Patch.

The Boston University Today recalls the days of old Braves Field in a two-part story: Part One and Part Two. Courtesy of BU Today.

The Red Sox's oldest former employee was an ex-Braves Field usher and is a BBHA member. Thanks to: WEEI.com.

Sam Jethroe receives his due from the Atlanta Braves. Thanks to the Atlanta Braves.

Recalling baseball's longest major league game. Thanks to: Captains Blog.

Braves franchise museum at the top of a list of such institutions. Thanks to: Ballpark Digest.

Check out these cool pics of some Braves uniforms from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Thanks to Dave Grob.

March 2012: Tip o' the cap to Bob Brady and Saul Wisnia for the links!

As the longest continuously operated professional baseball franchise, the Boston Braves can trace their roots back to the Victorian era. The BBHA has had discussions with representatives of Boston's Gibson House Museum about their desire to run an "Opening Day" event featuring 19th Century baseball in Boston including the Braves' ancestors. The presentation will be conducted by the Gibson House and is not intended to be a BBHA reunion. The Gibson House has generously offered a reduced ticket rate for BBHA members. Below is the basic information. Click here for the PDF version.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Larry McCray - "Early Baseball Rules and the Boston-New York Rules Rivalry"
Joanne Hulbert - "Fast Day and Early Baseball Poetry"
Bill Nowlin - "Early Boston Baseball Dynasties" 5:30 to 6:30

Gibson House Museum, 137 Beacon Street 6:45 - Program, Alumni Hall, Fisher College, 118 Beacon Street (across the street from the Museum)

How much:
Tickets: $15 in advance, $20 at the door Special $10 admission for members of the Gibson House Museum, Society for American Baseball Research, Boston Braves Historical Association, Boston Preservation Alliance, the Ayer Mansion, Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay and the Victorian Society.

Please contact the Gibson House or call 617/267-6338 directly with any questions or to obtain tickets.

Here's something to keep an eye on. Thanks to boston.com for the link.

How Milwaukee lost its version of the Braves. Thanks to OnMilwaukee.com.

Longtime BBHA member Herb Crehan offers a course on Boston baseball. Let's hope that the writer of this article takes it and learns that the Braves, not the Red Sox, trace their history back to 1871! Thanks to Dover-Sherborne Press.

From time-to-time we link to the Boston Public Library's baseball photograph collection on Flickr. Here is another batch of pics. This group of pictures were first brought to our attention from the UniWatch blog.

February 2012: Once agian, thanks to Bob Brady for this round of links!

The BBHA is expanding our web presence and can be found on Facebook now. Either do a search for the Boston Braves Historical Association or click here. We'll update the Facebook page with pictures, BBHA news and connect with fellow Boston Braves fans by writing a message on our home page.

Posthumous elections into the Hall of Fame -- Ron Santo and Rabbit Maranville. Thanks to Cotton Boll Conspiracy.

If you have a spare moment, please revisit this film clip on the Braves that features George Altison and Adacie Fox Allen.

Want to feel old? Al Dark, a multiple BBHA reunion attendee, has turned 90. Thanks to San Francisco Chronicle.

November 2011: Thanks to Bob Brady for the links!

Article on Stanley Glenn that features an interview with Gene Conley from the Examiner.

This season, Florida Marlins relief pitcher Chris Hatcher became the first ex-catcher to return to the big leagues as a pitcher since the Boston Bees' Art Doll accomplished the feat in 1936. Thanks to The Palm Beach Post.

Former Boston Braves farmhand and major leaguer Wes Covington passes away. Another from the Examiner.

Rabbit Maranville honored in Springfield, MA. Thanks to MassLive.

Here's a nice story about Roland Hemond. Thanks to MLB.com.

Page through this Flickr album of photographer Leslie Jones shots of old-time baseball in Boston.

There are many Braves and Braves Field pictures to enjoy! Once again BBHA board member Mort Bloomberg has found a website that should be of great interest to Boston Braves fans. includes on-screen batter by batter replays of all regular season Braves games from April 18, 1950 to September 28, 1952 -- some 466 games in all. In addition, you can replay all of the 1914 and 1948 World Series contests. For a sample, click here. Select a game and sit back as it unfolds before you on your computer screen. Thanks, Mort!!

Former Boston Braves outfielder Luis Olmo (1950-51) turned 92 this year. Courtesy of The Huffington Post.

Check out the Braves Uniforms from the 1930s on this flickr page.

Here's a new look at the site of the 1914 World Series. Check out more cool stuff at the Panoptic Gallery.

Old friend and reunion attendee, Bob "Ducky" Detweiler (Boston Braves - 1942; 1946), 92 years young, continues in his interest of the National Pastime: Thanks to Minor League Baseball.com.

Here's a recent biography of Boston Braves hurler Andy Karl (1946) penned by BBHA member Bill Nowlin. The SABR Biography Project is responsible for this link.

Sad news. Another Boston Brave passes away. A number of us remember getting his baseball card in a pack of Bowman Gum pasteboards: David Cole. Thanks to Journal-news.net.

June 2011 Update: Thanks again to Bob Brady for providing these links!

Here's an article that features remembrances of Braves pitcher Al Javery (1940-46). Thanks to the Worcester, MA Telegram.

Another member of the Braves Family has passed away -- Eddie Joost of the 1943 and 1945 Braves. Thanks to Baseball Happenings.

To: undisclosed-recipients Here's an article on Boston Braves player-manager Dave Bancroft (1924-27). Thanks to the Sioux City Journal.

Warren Spahn, Truth and Urban Legend. Thanks to the Buffalo News.

The Boston Braves actively recruited ballplayers from the Negro Leagues. However, some never made it to the majors. Stanley "Doc" Glenn is a case in point and the subject of this interesting piece. Thanks to Seamheads.

Here's a first person account about Babe Ruth's last homer. Thanks to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Speaking of the Babe, here's a late newsreel of the former Brave vs. Carl Hubbell. You can get a nice view of Braves Field if you look close enough.

We're pleased to announce that a large Boston Braves memorial paver brick will be placed at Fenway Park before Opening Day 2012 as part of the ballpark's 100th anniversary celebration. This expensive undertaking will be funded by the BBHA and details on how members may contribute to the brick fund will be posted in the summer edition of the hard copy newsletter. The Braves played some regular season games at Fenway while awaiting the opening of Braves Field as well as the 1914 World Series. After the "wet paint" incident in 1946, the Braves shifted to Fenway while the Wigwam seats dried. With this memorial, three of the four sites in Boston where the Braves played will have been commemorated. Braves Field has a plaque behind the administration building as well as the BBHA-sponsored effort to name the adjacent alley "Braves Field Way." The Congress Street Grounds are memorialized by a plaque in the Ruggles Station on the MBTA's Orange Line. Only the Congress Street Grounds lack any signage.

February 2011 Update: Happy belated New Year. Thanks again to Bob Brady for providing these links!

Sadly, the past several weeks have brought news of the passing of ballplayers with a link to the BBHA. We were privileged to have Bob Feller attend our 50th Anniversary reunion of the 1948 World Series between his Indians and our Braves. He was a wonderful guest and many members were able to engage in lively conversations with him. One highlight was the viewing of the '48 World Series film and hearing Bob's reaction to the infamous Masi pick-off play. Bob loudly proclaimed Phil out and pictures seem to be on his side.

Former Red Sox first baseman Walt Dropo attended a number of our festivities and was present at the NE Sports Museum's 40th anniversary festivities for our NL champs in 1998 from which the BBHA was born. Dropo claimed Rookie of the Year honors in the American League the same year that the Braves' Sam Jethroe received the like award in the National League -- a coincidence that will never be repeated. "Moose" avoided the spotlight whenever he joined us but was very approachable and willing to share memories and give autographs.

Phil Cavaretta's death closed out a chapter of Boston Braves history. Phil was the last living opponent to play against Babe Ruth. The event occurred during the Bambino's final days as an active player with the Boston Braves. Phil was approaching his 19th birthday on May 12, 1935 when the rookie and his Chicago Cubs played the Boston Braves at Braves Field. The Braves lost 4-1. Ruth went hitless and Cavaretta had one hit in four at bats.

We received this sad news from Cristal Morris, the third cousin of former Brave, Roy Hartsfield.

"This email is to inform you of the passing of Roy T. Hartsfield.He played with the Boston Braves from 1950 to 1953. Mr. Hartsfield passed away from complications of an illness yesterday, January 15th. a little after 2p.m. He was an amazing person with a loving nature and a caring heart. The attached is an image of Roy, his first cousin and my grandmother, Inona, and myself. The picture was takeen a couple of years ago at his home in Ellijay, GA."

The recent deaths of Roy Hartsfield and George Crowe have reduced the ranks of living former Boston Braves to 29.

November 2010 Update: For those of you who are getting the BBHA eNewsletter, some of these links may be old news, but for those of you who don't, check back every few weeks for a new round of updates. Thanks again to Bob Brady for providing these links!

For better or for worse, here's one person's take on the Braves nickname. Thanks to legendsrevealed.com

Mike Balas (1938) and Steve Kuczek (1949) had one-game major league careers and both accomplish it with the Boston Braves. Despite their limited time in the big leagues, Balas and Kuczek have full biographies at this site. From the Baseball Bigoraphy Project of SABR.

Here's a remembrance on Boston Braves pitcher Ray Benge (1936). It comes courtsey the blog Baseball in War Time.

BBHA member Wally Carew reminisces about the Boston Braves in the New England Baseball Journal. From the New England Baseball Journal.

A recently uncovered photo of Bill James of the 1914 Miracle Braves headlines this story. Thanks to the Auburn Journal

Here's a link to a good biography on 1940-41 Braves right-hander Al Piechota. It comes courtesy the blog Baseball in War Time.

With the Giants in the World Series, the Wall Street Journal decided to interview Braves bonus baby Johnny Antonelli. Originally published in the Wall Street Jorunal.

Frequent BBHA reunion guest Lennie Merullo shared some stories, including a couple about Braves Field, with the Boston Globe recently. Thanks to Boston.com.

A couple of nice photos and storeis from the UniWatch Blog. Here's Casey showing the squad how to bunt. Here's a fun article about what happened to the old Braves scoreboard. A nice shot of a vintage Braves sweater. And a terrific article on the Braves' move from Boston. Blogger Paul Lucas updates the site every day, check it out.

This is the time of year to start looking for a 2011 calendar. The National Baseball Hall of Fame Cooperstown Collection calendar features a couple of monthly photographic collages that might be of interest to BBHA members. January's portrait is dedicated to "Three City" Brave Eddie Mathews. June's picture is a tribute to the Boston-Milwaukee-Atlanta Braves. The photographic displays are "keepers" even after the year ends. The other months are in similar formats. The calendar carries a suggested price of $13.99 (as sold at Borders) but I purchased mine for $2.99 at Building 19 in Weymouth, MA.

September 2010 Update: For those of you who are getting the BBHA eNewsletter, some of these links may be old news, but for those of you who don't, check back every few weeks for a new round of updates. Thanks to Bob Brady for providing these links!

Remembering Sibby Sisti from ESPN.com

Check out this article about Rhode Island native Phil Paine from Seamheads.com

Here's an interesting article on the '59 White Sox and the former Boston Braves that comprised its brain trust -- Manager Al Lopez and coaches Ray Berres, Tony Cuccinello and Johnny Cooney. Thanks to BaseballAnalysts.com

Bob Brady wrote a letter to Narraganset Beer about the Braves. Check it out here. Courtesy of Narragansett Beer.com.

Eddie Matthews and Felix Mantilla enter Braves Honor Roll at Miller Park. Thanks to Madison.com.

Check out this in-depth profile on Danny Murtaugh. It comes courtesy the blog Baseball in War Time.

What's the connection between former Brave Art Devlin and Lou Gehrig? Find out here. Thanks to DMB World Series Replay.

The BioProject Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) has just issued its latest newsletter, Baseball Lives, and this electronic publication contains kind words about the effort we extended on Spahn, Sain and Teddy Ballgame as well as an acknowledgement of the efforts of Bob Joel to produce an anniversary team book on the 1914 Miracle Braves. Also of note is a tribute to Len Levin. In addition to his direction of the Lajoie/Start Southern New England Chapter of SABR, Len is a longstanding member of the BBHA. As an Associate Editor of Spahn, Sain and Teddy Ballgame, Len assured that a quality publication was produced. Read about it here. Check out SABR here.

A sermon on Warren Spahn. Courtesy of The Sermons and Musings of Carl J. Westman.